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What is Knizhniki?

For more than seventy years, most treasures of Jewish and Israeli literature were largely unavailable to Russian readers. Works by Sholom Aleichem somehow made it past the censors but for almost all others, political repression forced generations of Jewish thought to go underground. The vibrant world of Jewish literature, history, ideas and productivity was painfully, systematically, and without mercy sliced away from Soviet Russian life and thought.

Given the historical changes in what is now the former Soviet Union, Knizhniki Publishers and Book Distribution Center was founded in 2005. Publishing works of fiction, non-fiction, academic literature, a series of illustrated children’s books on Jewish themes, and of course classical Jewish literature, Knizhniki

is working assiduously to heighten awareness of Jewish literacy and culture by bringing Jewish and Israeli literature and thought to the widest and most diverse Russian reader in Russia and around the world.

We invite you to peruse our catalogue and to share the wide range of authors, themes, and ideas with your Russian reading friends and organizations. With published books available in large Russian bookstores in Russia, the United States, and Israel,

Knizhniki’s online bookstore – www.knizhniki.ru – enables readers from afar to also easily navigate the online catalogue and place book orders.

Since its founding, we are heartened by the growing number of local and international supporters who understand the importance of Knizhniki’s mission.

We invite you to join us in these efforts.