His House in the Desert

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In his house in the desert ... 
Turning to the middle way of life, Rafael Meyer - survivor in his family, where all the men die young, overtaken accidental death. He grew up in the Jerusalem area, the corners of which rose the House of blind, insane asylum, and orphanages, and was raised in a family of five women - three young widows, grandmothers harsh and mocking sisters. His wife left him, went to a "reliable" person - and returned to take her ex-husband a lover. Raphael spent his days between his home in the desert Negev and his former home in Jerusalem, kept coming back to memories of childhood and youth, to unravel two painful family secrets - that connects the beautiful red-haired aunt with his older friend, nearly legless, the illiterate, but skilled stonecutter Abraham and his mother - with a mysterious green-blind teacher of the House of the Blind. 
The novel's most popular contemporary writer of Israel published in Russian a second edition.

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Booknik's Review

Прикажите мне долго жить!

Пятидесятидвухлетний Рафаэль Майер, старейший из мужчин династии, рассказывает о себе и своей неординарной семье. Любовь и ненависть к родным не дают ему покоя, и единственным выходом для него становится жизнь в одиночестве вдалеке от семьи. Вопреки всеобщим ожиданиям и семейным легендам, он пережил всех мужчин династии — деда, дядек, отца, чью неестественную смерть ускорили обстоятельства. Теперь Рафаэль живет на пустынном юге Израиля вдалеке от своей матриархальной семьи и вспоминает детство.


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