Social and Religious History of the Jews. Vol II

978-5-9953-0290-2, 978-5-7516-1221-4;
496 pages

Multivolume "Social and Religious History of the Jews " Salo W. Baron covers Jewish history from biblical times to the early modern times . Baron consistently debunks the pages of his book, the traditional view of Jewish history , which the author called the " lachrymose theory." Jewish history , says Baron, is not limited to constant harassment and mourning their victims - its most important feature is the ability to survive and prosper in spite of persecution. One of the key moments in Jewish history to support this idea - the era of the Talmud , which ensured the survival of the Jews as a people in the Diaspora and allowed them after the loss of statehood to preserve their identity . The second volume of "The Social and Religious History of the Jews " Salo W. Baron deals with a key period of the formation of the Jewish civilization - early existence in the diaspora in the West and in the East , and the formation of religious and legal framework of Jewish life - the Talmud. The author explores Jewish history in close connection with the history of the surrounding nations , and shows how the great opposition of Rome and Persia influenced the split between the Palestinian and Babylonian Jewish centers.

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