Diamond in a Bag

978-5-7516-1009-8, 978-5-9953-0144-8;
380 pages


 The only entertainment available to the disabled Michael Cherikover was to stare at a Jerusalem street from his apartment window, until, through an incredible set of circumstances, some stolen diamonds, including the famous Red Adamant, landed in his hands. This incident has turned his entire life upside down and triggered a chain of various events and unexpected situations. As the detective story unfolds, the reader becomes familiar with the character and life of a man who is both Jewish and Russian, and moreover, a man of amazing integrity with a peculiar, very bizarre philosophy of life.

Diamond in a Bag was published by Text Publishers in 2006 as Red Adamant.

In addition to that, the publishing house released A place to live. A housing plot in stories (2011), a collection of stories by Julia Wiener, and a collection of her poems, On money on death on old age  etc. (2007).

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