An Uncensored Epoch

400 pages
310 gr.


Collection of short stories by Lev Vorobev, Valery Genkin, Pavel Grushko, Alexander Drabkin, Anna Zolotareva, Boris Evseev, Michael Zanodvornov, Daniil Kleopov, Victor Kuznecov, Alexander Matlin, Boris Samarkhanov, Olga Sereyskaya,  Dmitri Stakhov, Alexander Tkachenko, Mark Kharitonov, Eduard Shulman, Asar Eppel.

This book is dedicated to Asar Eppel, whose contribution into modern Russian literature is entwined with the author's Jewish childhood and his Jewish soul, to which he remained faithful till the end. This book was his last work, for initiating and accomplishing which he recieved FJCR "Man of the Year" award.

The book includes wirks of 18 modern authors, different in age, world view, writing style. At first glance it may seem that they were gathered under one cover only because of the similarity on the general idea in their books. However, the main reason to choose these particular stories was that each and every one of them is a brilliant tale, which stirs profound reflections in the reader.

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