Book of Commandments

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Commandments are fulcrums of Jewish life, and following them, in fact, weaves the life structure of a Jewish believer. Therefore, it is important to define what exactly are the commandments. We know how many there are because the number has been passed down a chain of oral tradition, but neither the Tanakh nor the Mishnah or Talmud lists them explicitly. Several versions of this list reached us from the past, but Rambam’s Book of Commandments is definitely the most popular and wide known. In this book, Rambam describes both the principles that he based his list on and the actual formulas of the commandments. The Book of Commandments was written by Rambam as a book in its own right, but it is in essence an introduction to his landmark code of Jewish religious law Mishneh Torah, and because of that it is always published the first in all the collections of his works.

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