The Wanderer, The Magician and The Queen of Spice

978-5-9953-0287-2, 978-5-7516-1170-5;
216 pages
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This book , created an excellent writer Leah Lubomirska about people , forever changed the history of the Jewish people - and the history of civilization. The fact that the astronomical tables math Avraham Zacuto saved Christopher Columbus. The fact that the Polish king Casimir changed the laws of their country, to please the beloved . The fact that the merchant Benjamin of Tudela was half the world and describing his travels two centuries before Marco Polo. The fact that a Talmudic scholar and physician Maimonides Moses in the XII century believed that the most important thing in medicine - prevention that poet Avraham Ibn Ezra was hopelessly poor and gave to his bride 's wedding shoes and the fact that the moon has two rabbis . Every story about these and many other prominent people accompany puzzles puzzles, illustrations, and "secrets" that turn children ( and adults , by the way ! ) Reading in a very special experience.

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