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 Grigory Kanovich born June 18, 1929 in Jonava, Lithuania) is a Lithuanian Jewish prose writer, poet and dramatist. Kanovičius writes in Russian and Lithuanian. Kanovičius's first writings were published in 1949, and he graduated from Vilnius University in 1953. Kanovičius's published work includes collections of poetry in Russian: Dobroye utro ("Good Morning", 1955) and Vesenniy grom ("Spring Thunder" 1960); literary epigrams and parodies in Lithuanian ("With a Joyful Eye", 1964; "Naked Ones on Olympus", 1981); thirty plays and film scenarios (some co-authored) on contemporary themes; and translations of literary prose from Lithuanian into Russian. Kanovičius's Russian prose works are almost all devoted to the life of Lithuanian Jewry.

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